Drawing attention to the variety of species and ecosystems that sustain the planet’s health and the viability of life, and the alarming rate at which we are losing. The Pantone Color of Biodiversity, a bright pink hue, calls for the evolution of biodiversity and aims to raise awareness of biodiversity loss, a growing global environmental threat.

According to the report by the UN Intergovernmental Science Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), three quarters of the land on Earth has been altered by human actions and about one million species are under threat of extinction. If biodiversity loss continues at this rate, it will undermine progress on 80% of the UN’s sustainable development goals. The Pantone Color Institute (PCI) is collaborating with luxury tea mixers, Tealeaves, along with other organizations and NGOs on an impactful partnership and awareness campaign to bring attention to the loss of biodiversity through a new launch of Pantone Colors., called the “Pantone Color of Biodiversity”.