Much has been said about the technology of the ink curing system through UV LED in flexography, but after all, is this technology already a reality? The answer is yes and no!

The UV LED curing system for flexography has developed a lot in recent years, and some companies in the world already operate only with this technology in their printing machines. However, UV LED technology has some points that still raise doubts when investing in this new technology, they are:

  • The investment value in the equipment is still quite high, speaking of internationally renowned brands.
  • The cost of inks, availability and “yellowing” in varnishes, in several countries, is still a negative point.

However, the biggest problem in the new technology lies in the “simplistic” way in which the concept is often sold on the market, where the need for a Chillplate or Chilldrum behind the substrate is not clarified (and therefore the need for a chiller), or even the real savings in electricity, in addition to the issue of the “endless” hours of lamp life.

The UV LED system, as is already the case in other areas of the graphic industry, is a reality and can be added to any modular flexo machine at any time. But especially as it is still a novelty in flexography it must be evaluated with utmost attention to all the pros and cons of a new technology.